Thursday, August 18, 2016

Recent Projects

Once again I have been catching up with quilt along blocks -

these are June and July's Westering Women blocks from Civil War Quilts blog.

I really have enjoyed making these blocks - they are big (12"), which makes a nice change, only one a month, not too hard to catch up on after a two month break from sewing, and it seems that one month is easy and the next a bit tricker, so it is a nice balance.

These are my Circa 2016 blocks for last week, 3 this time.

This is a knitting project I recently finished -

I can't seem to resist knitting lace! This one is knit with commercially hand dyed yarn that I bought in Montreal - WalkCollection Luxe Light in South Sea Pearl - alpaca, silk and cashmere - so light and soft!

The pattern is Arietta by Åsa Tricosa. It was lovely to knit, but did take a bit of concentration. More details can be found on my project page on Ravelry.

Now on my needles I have a couple of projects using yarn that I spun during Tour de Fleece-

I don't need any more scarves, but they are so much fun to knit. This one is a lovely easy knit, perfect for a car trip,

and this one is a bit fiddlier with all the picked up stitches, but so interesting. It is from the Summer issue of Spin Off magazine and something I had never tried before, so I couldn't resist. The fibre was divided in half and spun in two different ways.

This fibre is one that I won during Tour de Fleece. It is a silk and merino blend, dyed in the most beautiful colour way. I am so used to spinning fleece that I have dyed, and even though I dye them different colours, they are always pretty similar, so this was a nice change.

I spun it into a lace weight, gradient yarn (about 800m, and 107g).

In real life the colours are truly magnificent.

Since I always end my blog posts with a garden/nature picture I thought I would add this picture of my old bike that I spray painted silver - my family thought it was a bit odd, so I called it the Tin Man's bike and added a couple of bricks that I painted yellow - my family thought this was even odder!

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

More Circa 2016 Blocks

I am caught up on Circa 2016 blocks - at least until the end of the week!

My tin is getting nice and full - I can't wait to see what we will be making (I think we finish this QAL at the beginning of October).

Gloriosa Daisies

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

More Circa 2016 Quilt Blocks

Summer isn't the time for me to do much sewing, but I thought it was about time I tried to catch up on some quilt alongs.

These are the Circa 2016 blocks I have made so far - 5 weeks of blocks (I was about 2 months behind!), I still have 4 weeks of blocks to make.

Here are photos of what I have been spending on - gardening! We are having such a lovely summer and it is so nice to enjoy the warm weather - 

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tour de Fleece 2016

Every July during the Tour de France, Ravelry hosts another type of spinning event - the Tour de Fleece. We are challenged to spin everyday of the race, and this seems to be when I get the bulk of my spinning done for the year.

Here is what I spun this year -

I spun 1.3kg (almost 3lbs) of fibre into about 3.6km (2.25miles) of yarn!

More details can be found on my Ravelry page (here).

Here are lots of pictures showing fibre-to-yarn of all that I spun (with links to the Ravelry pages if you want more information about the yarn, and more pictures!) -

I dyed some silk, merino wool, angleline (sparkly stuff) and silk noils,

using a blending board, blended it to create these rolags,

and spun 330yds, 91g of fingering/sport weight yarn (Silk and Merino Blend).

I dyed a gradient of merino,

and spun it into 450 yds, 107g of fingering weight yarn (Rainbow Gradient).

More merino that I dyed,

and spun into two different yarns - one with short colour repeats and the other half with long colour repeats. This is a singles yarn that is fingering weight - over 500yds and 100g (Brights! Merino).

This next project was spun using the only commercially dyed fibre - the red at the top of the photo, I dyed the other half of the fibre (it was originally a gold colour), both merino,

and using a drum carder created a blend, that I dizzed (pulled the fibre through a hole on the button),

into the blend ready for spinning,

and spun into this yarn - 1,086m, and 458g of yarn (Drum Carded Merino).

This next one is a North Country Cheviot and Suffolk wool (from an eco friendly farm in Ontario),

that I dyed (some was left natural),

and blended on the drum carder (dizzed it too ready for spinning),

creating this art yarn - 70yds, 61g of worsted weight yarn (NCC&S Blend).


Some silk and merino,

that I spun,

and then dyed. 68g, 250yds of fingering weight yarn (Silk and Merino).

I tried a new fibre - Finn wool, that I dyed,

and spun into a DK weight yarn, 105g, 194yds (First Finn).

This is some natural dark merino that I dyed black,

to become 350 yds, 106g of fingering weight yarn (Dyed Black #2).

Some polwarth wool, silk, and silk noils that I dyed,

and blended into rolags on a blending board,

and spun into 525yds, 109g of light fingering weight yarn (Silk and Polwarth Blend).

I finished off the Tour de Fleece with a sample of hemp that I was given,

it was lovely to spin and made a little skein of 57 yds, 9g (Natural Hemp).

Most of these were spun with specific projects in mind, so now I need to decided what to knit first.

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